Wednesday, September 16, 2015


WOW!  Never did I think it would feel the way it did.  I've been to several graduations before but the difference from sitting in the audience to presenting a dog is significant!  Graduation day was so incredibly special!!

Truckee looked AWESOME!!  I loved that he was still his goofy self but would "straighten" up when it was time to work!  His new partner LOVES HIM TO PIECES!  She would constantly lean over and say "I love you my little Trucker!" 

Being human it's easy to be selfish.  We were selfish when at times we hoped Truckee wouldn't make it as a guide and instead become our pet.  How selfish is that!? 

The opportunity we were given to hand over a dog that we loved and worked with for 13 months straight threw us straight into reality.  The reality being that Truckee's new owner needed Truckee WAY MORE than we needed him as a pet!!

Beacause of that reality, saying goodbye to Truckee wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. 

I LOVE that I was apart of such a special gift and I LOVE that I shared that gift with my mom and my daughter.  I love you both to pieces!

"Give, but give until it hurts.”
Mother Teresa


Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Those pesky butterflies have started to flutter in the depths of the belly!  2 days from now we will get to meet Truckee's new owner. After our meet and greet we will get to walk Truckee up on stage and hand him over to her at the graduation ceremony.  At that point we have the opportunity to say a few words, which is where the pesky butterflies come into play!

The Girl is now adamant she will not be speaking!!  I'll continue to work on her in hopes she will get the courage to tell the audience about her experience raising our special boy.

Me, The Mom, will of course speak but most likely "BLUBBER" my way through the words I would like to say!  I'm not blubbering because I'm sad about Truckee, I just fell in love with him!  So saying a final good-bye to our special boy is emotional.

The Grandma, well, this is nothing new to her.  I'm not sure how many dogs she's walked across the stage but I'm sure she isn't feeling the nerves like The Girl and I.  Having her support though, and her guidance is so reassuring!

We are all looking forward to this day.  I had no idea this day would actually feel like I was graduating, but the reality is there was 15 months of dedicated work and love given to Truckee.  Guide Dogs for the Blind is giving us the opportunity to celebrate ALL of OUR accomplishments in one special ceremony.

We are honored!

Truckee will be moving to Texas after the graduation.

The Girl, The Mom and The Grandma will be getting a new puppy in training in December!   Stayed tuned for the next blog!

I will update Truckee's blog with one final post after the ceremony.

- The Mom